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What They Are Saying


Natalie E, Client

Great, relaxing environment to recover in. The cryo has been a game changer to my workouts.


Jessica Willis, Personal Trainer

I love the Compression Therapy it’s my favorite! As a Gym Owner I understand your recovery is just as important as everything else. We only have one body, it’s important we take care of it. I highly recommend this place! The Pro Recovery Team was very helpful and nice! The Cryotherapy is a must try as well!


Jon Malit, Personal Trainer

Great, honest, family owned business! Not only did they help me recover from getting old, but they’re all a pleasure to be around! Excellent customer service. Definitely going back!


Nathan Stines, Client

Pro Recovery provides Cryotherapy and Normatec to assist with injuries, stress, and inflammation to name a few. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and the prices are affordable. I would highly recommend Pro Recovery not just for injury support, but quality of life.


Jacqueline E, Client

Wonderful owner!! Always is friendly and attentive! Cryo Machine and normatec are always up running and very clea. And in great condition! I highly recomend this owner and the company itself.


Trinna Sanchez, Client

Cryotherapy is amazing! I look forward to my visit to ProRecovery every week. It's an amazing place, with friendly staff. I recommend ProRecovery to anyone who is serious about truly taking care of their bodies. Cryotherapy and Normatec compression have definitely been a game changer for me!

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